What Is a Continental Breakfast?

A Continental Breakfast is a style of breakfast that originated in Continental Europe (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway & Switzerland) and consists of tea or coffee with bread or pastries. This food is usually available in hotels prior to 10:00 A.M. Continental Breakfasts are served at other times as well. Continental Breakfasts are often supplemented with cold cereal, yogurts, fruit, boiled eggs, cheeses, and meats.

These countries also have breakfasts similar to the Continental Breakfast that use other items besides bread for their base. For example, in Monaco, it is customary for breakfast to include coffee/tea and pastry; however, breakfast may also be a Continental Breakfast or a Continental Breakfast with ham and cheese.

Why hotels offer Continental breakfast ?

 Continental breakfast is a great way to draw in guests and keep them happy. Continental breakfasts are usually free or included with the price of a stay, which makes it easier for guests on budget to enjoy a quick meal before going about their day. Continental breakfast has also become more popular because of the growing number of people who travel by air.

Where does the term come from??

Continental Breakfast is the common name for breakfast served on Continental Airlines. The term was coined because Continental Airlines offered a meal that wasn’t an actual breakfast or lunch, but something in between.

This airport staple has become more and more popular at hotels around the world as airline travelers look for ways to save money on expensive airport food. Continental breakfasts are often free or included with the price of a night’s stay at a hotel. Continental breakfasts are often bagels, muffins, yogurt, cereal, fresh fruit, muffins, or pastries. Continental breakfast may also include items such as eggs, sausage links or patties, and potatoes. Continental breakfast usually includes coffee either in.


Why is it free??

Continental Breakfast is included as an amenity for guests of the hotel. Continental breakfast has become so popular that you can even find Continental breakfasts at some food courts in malls around the country.

So what’s for breakfast?? Continental breakfasts are usually either sweet or savory depending on what hotels serve, but items typically include pastries.

Why do people eat Continental breakfasts? What makes a Continental breakfast? Is there a difference between Continental and American breakfasts? All these questions, and more, answer this article.

A Continental breakfast is one of many types of breakfast meals that contains different foods to make up the meal. Continental breakfasts are usually smaller in size than other breakfasts, such as American breakfasts , and are often eaten in the morning . Continental breakfast is sometimes used to refer only to the cold foods (such as pastries) that make up the meal. The Continental breakfast is said to have come about during World War I when rations were small, so food was cut down to only the essentials. Continental breakfasts in Europe and Canada may differ than Continental breakfasts in America and other places because of different cultures and traditions.

Some people eat Continental breakfast for health reasons, such as needing a gluten-free diet . Continental breakfast is sometimes eaten instead of an American breakfast when there is less time to eat or for people who prefer a lighter meal. Continental breakfasts are also eaten by some because they want to get out of the house and get on with their day, but still have something in their stomachs. Continental breakfast is mostly eaten by adults and it can be prepared quickly so adults can eat and go.