How to Enjoy an Excellent Seafood Dinner in Dubai

Since Dubai is a city surrounded by waters, indulging in the freshest catch from the sea can be an easy habit to develop. The variety of options to choose from can also make it difficult for you to say no to a scrumptious seafood dinner every night.

But even if there are dozens of restaurants with seafood on their menu, you can’t expect to have the same dining experience in all of them. Some establishments offer a better quality of food than others, even if they have similar prices.

And even if you are satisfied with your meal, there may be other factors in the restaurant that can affect your overall dining experience. These can include slow service or untidy premises.

To enjoy a great seafood dinner in Dubai, you don’t have to waste time and money trying out different restaurants to find the perfect one. By following some simple tips, you can have an excellent meal and maybe even add a new dining establishment to your list of favorites.

Below are some tips for enjoying the best seafood in Dubai:

  1. Read reviews about restaurants that strike your fancy.

Whether you want to try a newly opened restaurant, one that you frequently pass by or was once recommended to you but have never visited, make sure you get the best value for your money by reading reviews about it first.

Go online to see what customers have to say about the restaurant. Read reviews from both regular diners and well-known reviewers, if there are any. Take note of the dishes they ordered and their comments on their meal, service, the décor, and their overall experience.

Check the ratings previous diners have given the restaurant, as well.

Be particular about the comments customers have about the seafood. Fresh, good-quality, and succulent are some usual words that you should come across as diners describe the fish, shellfish, and other menu items and ingredients.

If the reviews about the restaurant and their food are mostly positive, you can get an assurance that you will enjoy a great seafood dinner.

  1. Study the menu beforehand.

Nearly all restaurants post their menu on their websites. Restaurant review sites upload photos or copies of these, as well.

You will know if you can order your favorite dish or eat something you like at the restaurant if you check their menu first.

Although the restaurant has great reviews and looks enticing from the outside, you may find that there is nothing on their menu that you like once you are inside. Dining here will, therefore, be simply a waste of your time and money.

Moreover, if you have allergies, reading the menu beforehand will let you know if you can request for substitutions and alternatives if you really want to try the restaurant.

  1. Check the variety of menu items.

Reading the menu before trying out a new restaurant also allows you to know the variety of seafood they offer. After all, the last thing you want to happen is to be seated and find out that they only serve fish but no crab or shrimp.

If you want to have a satisfying meal, you have to ensure you are going to a restaurant that has a variety of seafood that will satiate your cravings and fill you up.

Additionally, you and your dining companions may want to indulge in other types of protein. As such, check if the restaurant also serves meat, vegetarian options, and desserts.

If you are particular about the beverages, you may want to find out what their options are beforehand as well.

  1. Consider the occasion.

If you want to indulge in a seafood dinner to celebrate an event, you need to put more effort into finding a good restaurant.

Going out on a date or celebrating your wedding anniversary with your loved one calls for a more romantic setting. Because of this, you also have to find a restaurant with an excellent waterfront view to get that ambiance you are looking for.

If you are throwing a birthday party or celebrating an event with your family, a restaurant with al fresco dining that gives stunning views will ensure everyone will enjoy the experience. Even the youngest members won’t mind eating and staying long in this place.

And even if you are not celebrating anything special with your friends or loved ones, you can make your get-together more fun and memorable when you choose the right restaurant.

  1. Order at least one dish made with local seafood.

Fish and other crustacean delicacies always taste better when freshly caught. The freshest catches, of course, are those that come from the local fisherman.

As such, to enjoy a delightful seafood dinner, ask the server which dishes have or incorporate local catches. Whether it’s fish or shellfish, grilled, pan-seared, or added to a stew or other menu items, order the item and give it a try.

Keep in mind that since you are ordering fresh seafood, you will get a good-quality, great-tasting dish. And this will give you excellent value for your money.

  1. Try something new.

Once you’re in the restaurant, if you’re feeling adventurous, order a dish you haven’t tried before. You can also ask if you can have your favorite fish to be cooked in a different way; for instance, if you are used to eating it fried, consider having it grilled.

Although this deviation may be a bit small, you will notice a change in the flavor and texture of your seafood. And this will allow you to broaden your palate.

You can also ask the server to recommend a must-try dish. Whether this is the house specialty or an off-the-menu item, the waitstaff’s suggestion may end up on your list of all-time favorites. And you will be happy that you gave it a try.

  1. Don’t skip the side dishes, sauces, and other accompaniments.

Lastly, to enjoy a satisfying seafood dinner, don’t forget to get one or two side dishes that go well with your order. This could be a plate of roasted vegetables, beans, a fresh salad, or some bread.

Also, although you may be excited about tasting the freshness of the catch of the day, shrimps, or crab, don’t simply savor them as they are. If the dish comes with a wedge of lemon, squeeze it over the seafood. Dip the shrimp in melted butter or the fried fish in tartar sauce to get the most out of your meal.

Make sure you also order a beverage that goes well with your meal too.

As a bonus tip, once you have decided to try a new restaurant, book a table in advance. By doing so, you will avoid waiting in line to be seated and you and your party will have more time to enjoy your dinner.