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Why Restaurant Owners Need To Use Social Media

As a restaurant owner, you will fully appreciate that your three biggest problems are keeping customers, finding new customers and marketing yourself sensibly. Marketing costs today are far more expensive than they were even a decade ago. However, the rise of the internet now means that using the internet to market your business is very easy indeed.

RestaurantSo, if you are a restaurant owner, you should be using online marketing and, in particular, social media. Not sure why? Let us break down some of the main reasons why people choose to use social media as their primary marketing tool as a restaurant owner.

It’s so accessible

The first reason that we think social media is a must for any restaurant serious about success is how accessible it is. Unlike other social media systems, you will find that social media makes your life a touch easier just by making yourself more accessible to the day-to-day punter.

You will be able to make a much easier living by having a social media platform. You can easily communicate with real people who you can get a profile from, instead of just online metrics and numbers without any context behind them.

Social Media

You can run powerful and very effective online social media campaigns that tap into your brand message and your local areas general feeling. Don’t just see social media as something for major conglomerates though; it’s the difference between you getting extra business, or giving it up to Paul’s Pizza down the road!

It’s also affordable

The best marketing is cost-effective marketing and, done right, social media is about as affordable as it comes. Instead of firing hundreds of dollars into pay-per-click marketing, social media allows you to use massive platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter to make a huge splash as a business.

Most social media platforms, with regular updates and using it for more than just sales pushing can help you to get more online views. Best of all? With social media marketing for restaurants, you only need to invest time rather than money.

You can’t afford not to

At the same time, with all of your competition gleefully snaffling up much of the local business, the question should be if you can afford not to use social media. The accessibility of social media means anyone can do it. You need a voice and a positive mindset to run a successful online social media platform.

People aren’t expecting your little local diner to sound like some plush five-star resort, either. The beauty of social media is that, unlike other advertising programs, you can get by simply by being yourself. People appreciate it when you throw in some local humor and when you post about major events.

Social media is the ability to give your restaurant a voice and an actual face beyond your company logo. That might not seem like it matters too much, but it can be hugely important in the long-term to success.

You can improve the customer experience

Part of being in the restaurant game is about being able to meet the wishes and wants of those who come along. Social media allows you to show customers what you can do for them, and also allows customers to parlay with you. If they have a problem or want to try and book something special, they can contact you on social media.

They can share stories of their positive time at your business, which you can then send out to all of your social media. Followers to help them see how your business has grown. At the same time, you will be able to understand what you need to do better when the negative comments come. This allows you to work on your weaknesses and work on your strengths at the same time, using customer feedback via social media which shows you listen and you care.

You’ll make more people want to come back

Best of all? social media allows you to encourage people to come back again. From offering discounts for social media users to making it easy for people to share their experience, you can make it much easier to build a happy and positive experience with your customers which will encourage them to return in the future.

With that in mind, you will soon be able to understand why your business simply cannot ignore social media. It’s among the most powerful tools that you have and allows you to sell the business brand and story in a way that you cannot do on a flyer or a menu.

For that reason, you should look to invest in high-quality social media marketing for your restaurant. Done right, it can be quite transformative and help your business move that extra step further forward in a professional context. If you want to get more people through the door, invest in your image with social media marketing!

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