Get the Common Kitchen Layout Re-Design Guides and Renovation Mistake Should Avoid

The kitchen is the best part of your home and maintaining its warmth while renewing its texture, look, and capacity is one of the challenges of kitchen redesign. So, this is essential to get the design entirely right. When you are choosing the elegant finishes and kitchen accessories for your new or old kitchen, this blog will certainly help you. Have a look at common kitchen design mistakes homeowners make and check how to avoid those mistakes while redesigning the kitchen. The kitchen in your house is a place where many activities take place. It can be a challenge to create a place that can serve the best. The great news is that if you do a little planning, many of the problems mentioned below can be easily avoided.

Making Kitchen to Work – Organizing your Countertop Space: 

Often you must have seen one of the biggest complaints while designing a kitchen is the lack of countertops. Many of us want beautiful and attractive countertops but they should be workable as well. Commercial Dishwasher, make sure that your kitchen has enough area to equip countertops efficiently. If you are planning best countertops for your kitchen, keeping in mind the needs of the daily tasks, then the quantity of space for you can vary according to your needs with the size limitations of your room and budget.

Get the Common Kitchen Layout Re-Design Guides and Renovation Mistake Should Avoid

Plan Great Design and Layouts – Kitchen Triangle: 

The kitchen triangle (sink, stove, and refrigerator) combines three areas of significant activity of its interior designing.  There should be no way out of these three places to go. The kitchen sink is the busiest area because it takes the most action. And the stove and refrigerator should be in such a place that you can quickly go to each other as well as your countertops workstation, be well designed and placed. You want garbage close to the outer door for easy disposal, or at least there will be a clear path to the door from the garbage bay. You also want convenient access to a countertop where you can keep groceries as you come out the door. Extra consideration is the communication field. If you own a table or counter where you have a telephone, paper, and probably a computer or cookbook, you may want to locate it so that it does not have an utterly unobstructed way.

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Never Underestimate the Storage, you will Need

Healthy Space Design Indicates a Well-Functioning Kitchen. You bring only the decided items for your kitchen, and it is not that you have brought together the groceries of 4-5 months. You always bring kitchen groceries by the beginning of month. And it is easy to understand how much you will need to keep your groceries. After that, you also need to store crockery and chopping boards, sandwich makers in your new kitchen. And make sure that the useful items that are used daily should be stored in front. If your kitchen items remain organized, then your kitchen will automatically start looking beautiful and attractive.

Mistake Should Avoid

Light It Up – A Poor Lighting Plan:

Except in the kitchen, other rooms usually require three types of lighting: such as overall lighting, work lighting, and accent lighting. When designing or re-designing a kitchen, you need to keep in mind that you put the right lighting fixtures on your kitchen countertops because if you don’t do this, you will end up prepping, cooking and washing up in the shadows. This is a natural lighting mistake people often make. Large pendants are ideal, but if they don’t shine enough light over your workplace then you should place lighting slightly in front of you rather than directly above your head or behind you. You can install downlights, decoration lights, and sconces toward separate circuits make it more accessible to control your illumination levels and atmosphere in the kitchen.

Common Kitchen Layout

Miss Communication with the Contractor:

There are many small mistakes people often make while designing or re-designing a kitchen. One of the big mistakes is that you talk less with the contractor and often lacks in sharing their suggestions with the contractor.  But to speak with your builder and to share your views, makes everything done smoothly. It is imperative to agree on a detailed schedule of every work before construction starts. Comprehensive planning and design are a big help.

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Forgetting About Measuring Appliances: 

The deficiency of preparation when it comes to appliances can commence to excessive bulge from oversized refrigerators. This can harm the capacity to open furniture and other devices in your kitchen and reduce current space. If you do not include the small kitchen appliances such as blenders, microwaves, food processors, and other electric stoves then it can be an issue. With the proper planning and measurement, you can place these items in a better way. The question remains here how?? – So, you can select all your kitchen appliances and check the dimensions (length, width, and height) and the way appliances operate (open and close) to ensure that your kitchen design can accommodate them in covered and tailored storage.


Not Thinking About Boilers: 

In your home, if you have a utility room, then you will not need to have a boiler installed in your kitchen. But if you do not have a dedicated utility room, then you must have a boiler installed in the kitchen. You should go with a geyser that is small and beautiful, which will not affect the beauty of your kitchen. A fitted cupboard is usually the best option for finding the best possible solution to conceal your kitchen boiler, as it is ideally located on the outer wall to allow the vent to travel. Be the least reasonable length.

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When you want a kitchen that could enhance your status and standard of living then it is must to avoid these re-designing mistakes that many people often make. The above mentioned points will help you to design the most sought-after kitchen.

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