How To Season A Wood Cutting Board: 5 Easy Steps

A wood-cutting board is a beautiful and functional addition to any kitchen. Unlike plastic or glass, wood is gentle on knives and won’t dull the blade. With proper care, a wood-cutting board can last for years. Seasoning a wood-cutting board is an important part of care and maintenance. Here’s How To Season A Wood Cutting Board.

1. Clean the board with soap and water, scrubbing any stains or residue with a brush or scouring pad. Rinse well and let dry completely.

2. Apply a food-safe mineral oil to the surface of the cutting board using a cloth, rubbing it in well to penetrate the wood. Let sit for 15-20 minutes before wiping off any excess oil.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 every few weeks as needed, or whenever the board starts to look dry or dull.

4. To deep clean your cutting board, sprinkle coarse salt onto the surface and use half a lemon to scrub away any stubborn stains or odors before rinsing with warm water and re-seasoning as necessary.

5. Never soak a wood cutting board in water or put it in the dishwasher, as this can cause warping and damage.

Following these simple steps will keep your wood-cutting board looking and functioning like new for years to come.

how to season a wood cutting board

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Wood-cutting Board?

Wooden cutting boards are a popular choice for many chefs because of the benefits they offer. Not only do they look great, but they’re also durable and easy to clean. But the best part is that they can be easily seasoned to keep them looking and performing their best.

What Is The Best Oil To Season A Wooden Cutting Board?

Seasoning a wood-cutting board is important in order to protect the board from bacteria and water. The most important factor in seasoning a wood cutting board is using the correct oil. There are many oils that can be used to season a wood-cutting board, but not all oils are created equal.

When choosing an oil to season a wooden cutting board, it is important to select an oil that is food grade and has a high smoke point. Some of the best oils to use for seasoning a woodcutting board includes avocado oil, grapeseed oil, and sunflower oil. These oils have a high smoke point and are safe to use for cooking.

Another factor to consider when choosing an oil to the season on a wooden cutting board is the flavor of the oil. Some people prefer to use an olive oil that has a strong flavor, while others prefer to use a bland oil like canola oil. It is important to choose an oil that you will enjoy using.

Once you have chosen oil to season your wooden cutting board with, it is important to apply it evenly. You can do this by applying it with a brush or by dipping the board into the oil. Make sure the board is completely covered with oil, and then set it aside to dry.

It is important to let the woodcutting board dry completely before using it. This usually takes around 24 hours. Once the board is dry, you can start using it. Be sure to apply more oil every few months in order to keep the woodcutting board well-sealed.

By properly seasoning your wood cutting board, you will protect it from bacteria and water damage. Choose a food-grade oil with a high smoke point, and apply it evenly to the board before letting it dry completely. This simple step will ensure that your woodcutting board stays in good shape for years to come.

wood-cutting board

Can I Use Olive Oil To Season A Wooden Cutting Board?

A wood-cutting board can be a great addition to your kitchen, but it is important to season it properly before you start using it. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use olive oil. Simply rub a small amount of oil into the board, and then let it sit for a few hours. You can then buff it off with a cloth. Repeat this process every few weeks to keep the board in good condition.

However, it is important to note that some people recommend against using olive oil, as it can go rancid over time and potentially cause food safety issues. Other options for seasoning your wooden cutting board include mineral oil or beeswax. It all comes down to personal preference and what works best for you. Just be sure to regularly clean and season your wooden cutting board to keep it in tip-top shape for chopping and slicing.


Seasoning your wood-cutting board is an important part of care and maintenance. Seasoning creates a protective barrier that prevents water absorption, bacteria growth, and cracking or splitting. We recommend seasoning your wood-cutting board every few months, or whenever it starts to look dry or feel rough to the touch.

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