How to Make Mayonnaise Using a Blender and Food Processor

Don’t you find it thrilling when you have full control in transforming eggs and oil into a rich pearly mixture? Honestly, making homemade mayonnaise is one of those magical kitchen moments that is worth doing. You can do it easily if you have a mayonnaise machine to do the colloidal mixture and produce that successful emulsion.

How to Make Mayonnaise Using a Blender and Food Processor

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If you have either a blender or food processor, then wouldn’t it be nice to make mayo at least once? It will be a quick, cheap thrill experience, and we bet it will take you longer to wash the equipment than to do the actual mayonnaise-making.

Here are your guidelines on how to make homemade mayonnaise using both blender and food processor.

What You Should Know First

You will only need oil, eggs, some salt, and freshly squeezed lemon juice, and you’re good to go in doing your business in the kitchen. Nevertheless, check out some tips on choosing oil and eggs for your home project.

  • Oil

Oil is the top ingredient in making mayonnaise, percentage-wise. For that reason, the mayo will taste like the oil you use in it. So in times of doubt, better taste the oil you plan to use first. Doing this can prevent you from making more than a cup of mayo that might turn out to be unlikable to your taste.

Oil is the top ingredient in making mayonnaise

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If you like neutral-tasting oils, check for vegetable, canola, or grapeseed oil. But if you intend on making homemade ketogenic mayonnaise, you might want to try avocado oil. By the way, be careful about using extra virgin olive oil for your mixture, or it will end up super bitter, and for sure, you would not want that.

  • Eggs

Eggs are the next essential ingredient in making mayo because egg yolks are high in lecithin, which keeps the mixture from separating. Some use whole eggs, while others take time to separate the yolks from the whites. It’s up to you.

Eggs are the next essential ingredient in making mayo

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Commonly, the ratio of egg yolk to one cup of oil makes a great mayonnaise. So the more oil you put, the stiffer your mayo will be. May seem counterintuitive, yet it is true.

Making Mayonnaise Using a Blender

In using a blender, you will need to regulate the rate when adding the oil. Better to stream the oil slower, but not too slow. Also, overmixing your mayonnaise can cause it to break. Mix it just fine until you notice the opalescent yellow-whitish mayo form, and then stop. If you have a large-capacity blender, then you may need to double the amounts for the mayo to come together perfectly.

Making Mayonnaise Using a Blender

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In using an immersion blender, you can create mayonnaise using the tall cylindrical beaker that came with it. Place the egg and acid, then lower the immersion blender to the bottom of the container. Finally, add the oil all at once and switch on the blender.

You may doubt it would not work, but actually, it does. How? By making the mixer pull the oil into the yolk bit by bit. Cool, isn’t it? Although, you have to note that putting oil all at once scenario works with immersion blenders only.

Making Mayonnaise Using a Food Processor

If you plan to use a food processor, then look to see that the insert for the feed tube has a small hole in it. Switch on the equipment and pour the oil into the insert – it will drip into the processor surprisingly at a good rate to make a perfect emulsion.

Making Mayonnaise Using a Food Processor

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What is more, you need to start with a large volume of ingredients for the food processor blades to catch them. Hence, a plan of making only a cup of mayonnaise in a large food processor might not give you the best results.

How to Fix a Broken Mayo

If the consistency of mayonnaise starts to look thick, then adding gradual teaspoons will help to make it thin, based on your preference. But if the issue is the opposite, where it is not thickening, you need to add another yolk. Remember to adjust your seasonings and refrigerate your mayonnaise with tight cover for almost a week.


To sum it up, the two major ingredients of making mayonnaise are eggs and oil. So if you just plopped them together in a bowl and mixed only a little, then the result would be a thin puddle mess with specs of yolk. Nevertheless, if you whisk the yolk briskly while adding oil in a controlled stream, you will create an ideal emulsion of a mayo!

Making mayonnaise by hand with a whisk and a bowl seems very traditional, but of course, possible. However, with the help of mayonnaise making machine like a blender or food processor, it is faster and practically fail-safe.