Home Food Deep Frying: Tips and Tricks To Use A Deep Fryer Safely And Confidently

These days going on a diet with vegetables and fruits for your meals are already a trending thing. However, it is also good to treat yourself with some good, all-time favourite fried foods. Well, practically, that is unavoidable, especially if you are living in the cities. Accepted or not, no matter how good you are at preparing a vegetable salad or your kale, nothing still beats the crispness of a golden brown chicken.

So why still shy around if you can treat yourself some time? On this page, enjoy the goodness of deep frying as you explore easy ways on how you can confidently and safely deep fry your favourite side dish.

Deep frying is not new to everybody.  This could be the easiest way to cook your favourite menu. You need some oil and your marinated dish, and you’re good to go. However, if you want to make sure that what you are frying will get the exact crispness that you desire, go on with this article. Deep frying may be easy, but it also has to consider essential tips for the best results.

First, you need to understand what deep-frying is. Plainly it is called frying, or some call it deep fat frying. It is a cooking method with which you submerge the food in very hot oil and wait until it cooks. The heat can be up to 375 degrees. After submerging the food, its outer layer is instantaneously cooked, while the centre is sealed off. Typically the result of this type of cooking shows a crisper exterior and softer interior. Fried chicken, French fries, and others, when cooked under this method, will indeed have their glorious and crispy golden crunch.

In your local restaurants or fast-food chains, you’ll find many deep-fried treats. They may all look so inviting but frying at home will be much more rewarding. You might think that it is daunting to do; however, if you have the correct knowledge on how to do the method, it will surely be as easy as it is. You’re also confident that the food is at its best quality because you have cooked it yourself anyway. Home-cooked deep-fried meals are still the best.

Here are some easy tips and steps to practice on how you can confidently and safely deep fry at home. Follow the steps and, and you’ll soon be whipping some homemade crispy fried chicken, beignets, and fries.

1. Don’t mind buying a fancy deep fryer

In restaurant kitchens or even on tv, you will find large deep fryers. Well, you don’t need to buy a big one. Countertop deep fryers are also convenient, and many home cooks are prepared using it. But if you have none yet, that would be all right. If you do not fry every day, it might take much of your kitchen space.

For your convenience, fry on the stovetop. You will need a long-handled big deep pot that has high sides. Preheat and then fill the pot with few inches of oil. Make sure that there is still plenty of room so that the food can still float while the liquid is still contained near the top. It will also be convenient if you work on a steady and sturdy surface. Remember that you are dealing with hot material that can be easily spoiled. So you need to be very cautious.

2. Prepare tools that can be easily reached

 Of course, you wouldn’t go to a war without a weapon. The same is true with deep frying. You wouldn’t just put the pan on the stove and then pour the oil onto the pan and submerge the food. That doesn’t go easier that way. Deep frying requires extra tools that you need to use. In lifting or lowering the submerged food, you may need to use a slotted metal spoon, a wire basket, or maybe a kitchen spider. You may also need a service of a long tong in flipping the food. Paper towels will also be needed to drain the cooked food.

3: Prioritize your Safety

Deep frying is actually fun. But similar to other methods of cooking, it is also important to observe safety practices at all times. Remember that in deep frying, you will need to heat the oil up to an extremely high temperature. It is best to stay focused. As you fry, avoid answering phone calls and multitasking (you know, doing this and that while frying). If you have kids, let them stay away from what you are cooking.

You know this basic science lesson that water does not mix with oil, right? Remember that in order to prevent spluttering or spelling of the oil when mixed with water. Oil may bubble up if you add even a little moisture to it. If you get careless, you might even have nasty burns on your body. To avoid this white first, some of the utensils that you use or pat excess moisture off from the food that you will cook before you dip it into the oil.

4. Don’t Let the Temperature Drop

Do not let the temperature of your deep fryer drop. Keep it study because otherwise, your food may have an overcooked exterior yet undercooked interior. Wholesome, it will take your cooking much longer. If this happened, your food might get greasy instead of light and crispy.

5. Let the golden brown shine

Lastly, cook your food until it appears to be golden brown. If the food is cooked longer than what is needed, it will absorb more fats. Do not cover the pan unless the food is cooked thoroughly and already golden brown. If you are not sure how many minutes it should be cooked, you may try a piece for your first batch. Note how many minutes it will cook to have the next few batches well-prepared and well cooked. Remove the food quickly after cooking. Use your favourite tool in taking out and draining your deep-fried food.

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