How best birthday & halal cakes in Singapore spread sweetness

Birthdays are a special day and birthday parties are big oceans where everyone wants to have everything perfect. Without a birthday cake, any birthday cannot be considered complete. The birthday cake has a variety of meanings and every cake has its own story.

The best birthday cake in Singapore is a sign of celebration. Every person on his birthday feels like a king or queen and wants extra protocol. Best birthday cake in Singapore is fulfilling their dreams and they have varieties not only for children but also for adults.

What makes the best birthday cake in Singapore?

The best birthday cake is one that has the qualities of tasting good, looking delicious, being designed uniquely, not being too expensive, and also easily coming in range. These all qualities are found in the best birthday cake in Singapore.

When you are going to buy a birthday cake these factors of the best birthday cake in Singapore keep in your mind because everyone wants to get the best along with not wanting to break the bank. In Singapore, every occasion is celebrated with full happiness and enjoyment with cakes. So cakes are a must for celebrations in Singapore. The best birthday cake in Singapore is designed to complete the happiness and express truly good feelings in the best ways.

Classification of best birthday cake in Singapore

There are two main types of best birthday cakes classified in Singapore which are as under:

Butter cakes: These best birthday cakes in Singapore usually contain a high portion of fat because the ingredients used such as butter and cream have a high-fat content ratio.

Foam cakes: In containing fats foam cakes are opposite to butter cakes. These best birthday cakes in Singapore have low fat because eggs are used in their preparation.

Famous shapes of best birthday cake in Singapore

Usually, you find birthday cakes in a round shape but with time, many other complicated shapes are discovered. The best birthday cake in Singapore comes in different shapes and flavors. Some of the popular shapes of birthday cake are the following:

Round cake

Round-shaped cakes are commonly used as the best birthday cake in Singapore. The round shape is the origin of the moon and the candles used on its tops are a symbol of moonlight. The birthday cake was firstly designed in a round shape and this shape is mostly used for celebrations.     

Square cake

Birthday cake in a square shape gives a beautiful look. Practices can make a master in designing a square-shaped cake. It is important to make corners neat and tidy while icing a square-shaped cake and it needs a trickier layer of icing than a round shape. It is liked as the best birthday cake in Singapore and is also used at weddings.   

Three-Tier cake

A three-tiered cake is designed in different sizes and creates a link between them to give a beautiful look. Three-tiered cake shape is the best birthday cake in Singapore. It is baked in three sizes and decorated after joining them according to the birthday theme.

Sheet cake

A sheet cake is one baked on a baking tray or baking sheet. It is a flat rectangle cake decorated with cream or chocolate. This shape of the cake is also mostly liked in the best birthday cake in Singapore. Normally between these shapes is no need for filling and only decoration on top.

Halal cakes Singapore

Halal cakes are those prepared without any haram product or any alcohol.  Most cakes are not halal because some forbidden or haram ingredients are used in their preparations. While halal cakes are prepared with those ingredients which allow in Islamic teachings or principles. Halal cake in Singapore is cleared of pigs, alcohol, those animals which are not properly slaughtered, and haram ingredients.

Ingredients of halal cakes Singapore

Halal cakes in Singapore are used for every event. Some ingredients used in non-halal cakes are replaced with halal ingredients to make these cakes halal. Let us know about them.

Fruit juice is used in place of alcohol. To bring flavor alcohol is used in non-halal cakes but in halal cakes in Singapore fruit juice and vanilla extract are used to add flavor which is halal.

Fruits are used instead of pork fat. In non-halal cakes normally use shortening made with pork fat. But in halal cakes, Singapore uses fruits like apples, bananas, and others which make a good flavor and work well.

Cake baking powder is used in place of Gelatin. In non-halal cakes, gelatin is used that is derived from a pig which is not halal in Islam. In halal cake, Singapore baking powder is used in preparation.

Bakeries of Halal cakes in Singapore

For all memorable events, all types of halal cakes in Singapore are available. Some famous places or bakeries are described blew for halal cakes in Singapore:

Bread Garden

Bread Garden is a halal-certified bakery famous for producing halal cakes in Singapore. Their cakes have a delicious taste with unique decoration and beautiful looks. You can palace their order for custom-designed cakes for special occasions. They have a huge selection of flavors in halal cakes.

Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

Their chocolate Royaltine, cheesecake, orange Bavarois, and caramel sweet potato are famous halal cakes in Singapore. Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium is not just having cakes but also prepared 20 dishes and is halal certified.

Lynn’s cakes

Lynn’s cakes are produced with dark chocolate sponge, carrot cake frosted, buttermilk red velvet, and cream cheese halal cakes in Singapore. It is also a halal-certified bakery.

The Royals SG

Their traditional sugee cake and decadent chocolate ganache are famous halal cakes in Singapore. This bakery is halal certified and has many flavors for the sweet tooth.

Butter studio

Butter studio is famous for halal cakes in Singapore. Their cupcake is famous and is liked by everyone. Their halal selection of cakes is vanilla cake, passionfruit cake, and brownies.

If you want to enjoy your celebration and make memories of eating delicious cakes then bread Garden is the first choice. It is the best option to make your event memorable.