Good Restaurant Feedback

Things That Make up for a Good Restaurant Feedback [LIST OF 5]

There is nothing worse than receiving a bad review from your customer. With so much focus on customer reviews and survey sites these days like TellBostonMarket, restaurant owners are paying more attention to great customer service.

According to Forbes, to optimize your small business earnings, the single most important thing you can do today is to control your online and offline credibility. Below, you will find some of the tips that can help you earn great reviews from your customers:-

1. Be Great at What You Do

Let’s face it, you cannot provide your customers with great experience if you can’t really get ahead of the game. It’s important that you give your clients a solid reason to leave positive feedback (either offline or online). It could be anything – your food, ambiance, service or standards. Aim to continuously provide exceptional services to your customers and execute at a high standard. From that point, your diners will naturally admire your services and brag about your restaurant because they know your service and quality is amazing.

Pay attention to minor details and make sure each and every diner is greeted well into your restaurant and they are looked upon nicely. Imagine yourself in the same situation and judge if the service you’re delivering leaves them with a good or bad experience.

2.Train Your Staff

If you’re not focusing on customer satisfaction and providing continuous training to your team, it’s now the right time to work on this. One of the studies
suggests that more than 89% of customers have discontinued doing business with a company on account of poor customer service.

Of course, you can’t put the entire burden on the shoulders of your waiters only. Remember, you have to provide consistently great service the minute diners enter into your venue through the time they get off from the same door.

You’ll make your diners satisfied when your employees are courteous and friendly and don’t hesitate to go the extra mile if need be.

Moreover, you can also provide specialized training to your staff. For instance,

  • Train your employees to speak with kindness using respectful names;
  • Waiters or other staff should maintain friendly and courteous behavior towards diners;
  • It’s important that the staff avoid discussing their personal issues in front of the guests;
  • Work on their speaking/listening skills;
  • Help them understand that it’s perfectly okay to go the extra mile;
  • Encourage them to be patient and polite with visitors;
  • Train your waiters to ask for the feedback.

 3. Give Something in Return

Give Something in Return

Gain committed customers with a loyalty program. A loyalty program is a perfect way to earn long-term customers and recurring business. For instance, you can introduce membership cards with certain discounts to those who let’s say visit your restaurant twice a month. Also, a complimentary bowl of soup or a free pastry can also cheer up your valued customers. Lastly, you can also give away promotional gifts such as mugs, pens and key chains too.

4. Turn Bad Customer Experience into Good Moments

Turn Bad Customer Experience into Good Moments

The bad customer experience can be truly devastating for your business if not handled at the right time. When your customers have disputes, they’ll leave satisfied if you resolve their issues with an agreeable solution.

Also, train your staff to effectively handle customer disputes. When issues with food or service crops up, not only quick-fix the issue, but also make up for that by offering something for free. When you offer them a complimentary drink or a dessert, you’ll have to bear some cost initially, but you’ll win a customer for life.

5.Invest in a Reputation Management Tool

Getting positive feedback from guests may seem like a big deal, but it’s absolutely attainable to make this objective a little bit simpler and achievable for you and your staff. Thanks to the latest technology, we have a variety of reputation management systems accessible to restaurant owners that can significantly improve their review scores.

Reputation Management Tool

As these tools come with user-friendly features and a centralized dashboard, it’s easier for your staff to keep an eye on all the review profiles and enable you to earnestly solicit for these testimonials through SMS or e-mail. When you’re able to make your diners satisfied, you’ll augment your returns and your restaurant’s overall revenue.

When you invest your time and energy to train your staff and treat your customers with care and respect, you’ve earned a guest for life. In fact, you’ve not earned a dedicated visitor, but you’ve also earned a source that will brag about your services, food and customer care (either in the form of referrals, testimonials or word of mouth) – for free. So, these were the five simple things every restaurant owner can follow to keep customers for life. Is there anything else you would like to add to this list?

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