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Are you looking for the Fried Dumpling restaurant near you? Where I can find the Fried Dumpling near me?

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How To Find Fried Dumpling Near Me

You can visit to locate the nearest  Fried Dumpling place by zip code, city, or state. After selecting your location, you will see a list of restaurants near you now, including the opening hours and the contact numbers for each restaurant.

To find the nearby  Fried Dumpling location to you now, view the map by Google below. You can click on ‘view larger map’ to see the map on full screen.]

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Dumplings & Buns

Fried Dumpling – 5pcs – $1.25

Fried Pork Bun – 4pcs – $1.25

Frozen Dumpling – 30pcs – $6.00


Soy Sauce – Small – $0.75

Soy Sauce – Large – $1.50

Hot & Sour Soup – Small – $1.00

Hot & Sour Soup – Large – $2.00

Coffee, Tea & Milk – 1 Cup – $0.50

You can use the search box that’s available, you can try to search some of the terms mentioned below.

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Hole-in-the-wall takeout on a side street in Chinatown- best dumplings around! The employee said “small or large?”

Chinese buffet restaurants are typically known for their all-you-can-eat hot pot that is served with fresh vegetables, fish balls, tofu, etc. Although it does not look like much at first glance, the flavor was amazing! If you’re in Chinatown this place has the best place to go Chinese buffet in NYC!

Chinese food is one of the most popular types of cuisine to order for delivery or takeout because it’s healthy and delicious. The best Chinese restaurant so far you can get a Chinese buffet near me.

Chinese cuisine is one of the most popular types to order for delivery or takeout because it’s healthy and delicious. Chinese buffets are also very abundant in New York City with locations all over Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn & Staten Island. The best Chinese restaurant so far you can get a Chinese buffet near me.


106 Mosco St
New York, NY 10013

(212) 693-1060

Opening Hours

Open 7 Days

10:00am – 9:00pm

Top 10 Fried Dumpling Restaurant

The Theater Buffet

In the core of the theater area, simply a street or two away from Times Square, you will observe a huge assortment of hot, cold canapés, self-service counter, cutting station, cheddar, shop meats, chocolate wellspring and some more. Menu choices change day by day including vegan and gluten free. We anticipate getting you. No reservations required and huge gatherings are gladly received. Kids under 12yo get half off.

Our Menu:

Best breakfast buffet variety you can find in New York. Bready, eggs, sausage, bacon, patatoe, salmon, ham, cold cuts, cheese.

2:El Nuevo Tina

Best Quality Seafood should be served HOT and FRESH. That is how we treat best with our All You Can Eat Seafood. All food are newly specially made as opposed to keeping fish out and leaving there for a really long time.

Our Menu:

You Can Visit The Site Here:


Fushimi wires customary Japanese food with innovative French enlivened nouvelle cooking styles finished off with skilled culinary experts with long periods of industry experience; making Fushimi’s dishes amazingly impeccable to the taste buds; the best of the best.Fushimi, gloat not just of immaculate food,superior administration, stylish vibe and rich stylistic theme; add blossoming nightlife making Fushimi Staten Island, Bay Ridge and the recently opened Williamsburg a MUST-GO! Enthusiastically suggested by the Zagat Survey and Michelin Guide, it is nothing unexpected Fushimi has a faithful fan base that continues developing and developing.

Our Menu:

You Can Visit The Site Here:

4:Tasty Dumpling

Our Menu:

You Can Visit The Site Here:

5:Excellent Dumpling House

Excellent Dumpling House opened in Canal Street, Chinatown. We highly esteem serving delightful soup dumplings, faint aggregate, and Shanghai food, and offering our affection for the cooking to the clients.

Our Menu:

You Can Visit The Site Here:

6:Tasty Hand-Pulled Noodles

Tasty Hand-Pulled Noodles offers delectable eating and takeout to New York, NY.Tasty Hand-Pulled Noodles is a foundation in the New York people group and has been perceived for its extraordinary Chinese cooking, fantastic assistance and amicable staff.
Our Chinese eatery is known for its cutting edge translation of exemplary dishes and its emphasis on just utilizing excellent new fixings.

Our Menu:

You Can Visit The Site Here:

7:Di Di Dumpling

Gladly serving New York City starting around 2011, DiDi Dumpling offers tasty dumplings and copious potstickers to enliven your life! Our quick, agreeable assistance will give you that additional energy and our inventive, delightful every day specials will leave you desiring more. Make a trip and partake in this delectable traditional Chinese treat today!

Our Menu:

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8:Dumpling Galaxy

Opened in this is Helen You’s unique dumpling foundation situated in one of the most established cellar food courts in the core of downtown Flushing. Tian Jin Dumpling House was were Helen consummated her dumpling plans and acquired a faction following inside the Flushing people group.

Our Menu:

You Can Visit The Site Here:

9:Stick To My Pot

Stick To My Pot is a relaxed café in Midtown Manhattan offering real and delightful potstickers, umami-rich braised pork baos, extraordinarily created pickles and other little plates. We are pleased that everything is made in-house consistently by a dedicated group. What’s more we are likewise eager to have a delightful veggie lover choice of our potsticker. Motivated by our own adoration for food, cooking, our movements abroad, and our insight that food is the pith of humankind, we desire to before long impart our dishes to you.

Our Menu:

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10:Golden Unicorn

Set up in 1989, the much-praised Golden Unicorn Restaurant spearheaded the local’s first upscale Cantonese-style dinner style feasting eatery with faint aggregate help. With its brand name exquisite yet customary red-and-gold style and tasty cooking, the café has turned into a set up decision for relaxed family eating, weddings, and corporate occasions the same.

Our Menu:

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