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Five Essential Tips In Making The Best Fried Chicken

Surely, everyone has their own best fried chicken recipe and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. It promotes creativity, ingenuity, bragging rights, and that “five minutes of fame.” It also makes for a good conversation starter. Who wouldn’t want to talk about the best fried chicken, right?

As everyone has their claim to fame, it is best to know the perpetual basics of what makes the best fried chicken ever. Different strokes for different folks as they say. However, few ground rules need to be in place to ensure that the fried chicken is at its best quality.

First, let’s understand why the crispy fried chicken is so delicious. What is the reason behind its irresistible taste? Why do people find it hard to resist the call of a crispy fried chicken? Why does it make us want to hit on the “Order from here” button for quick and convenient fried chicken delivery?

Interesting Science Behind The Fried Chicken

Anything that involves Science makes it legit. Yes, the delectable and mouth-watering fried chicken has some science to it. No, there’s no voodoo involved. Science explains why the fried chicken is enthralling and mesmerizing, sometimes to a fault.

Do you know that the fried chicken has this notoriety not only because of its flavor? The entire experience of having crispy fried chicken is the culprit behind its hypnotizing goodness. The sound that you make as you bite on the crispy fried chicken skin plays an all-important role.

You see, the sound of its crispiness adds to the entire multisensory appeal and overall experience. The brain’s activity is triggered more as the crackling sound is produced. It becomes even more palatable and satisfying, maybe orgasmic to some. At this point, Science does not need to tell us how captivating it is to hear the crackling sound- be it of crispy fried chicken skin or that equally tempting crispy roasted pork skin.

Basics To Having The Best Fried Chicken

The tips for best fried chicken is simple. Follow these steps, then you can jazz it up to your own special way.

The Marinade

The best fried chicken starts from the marinade. As many would have their own secret herbs and spices, it is essential to start with the basics. Many traditionalists agree that buttermilk makes for the best and succulent fried chicken. Others prefer brine made with sugar, salt, and other spices diluted in water. Try making your fried chicken using buttermilk and brine then compare which passes your taste standards.

The Best Fried Chicken Takes Time

While some say two hours of marinating is enough, it is still best to leave the chicken soaking overnight. Whether using brine or buttermilk, make sure to leave it overnight in the refrigerator. This ensures that the chicken is entirely flavored and coated with the marinade. The overnight marinade does not leave any nook or cranny unseasoned or unflavored.

More Seasoning, More Fun

Now, this is the stage where you can season your fried chicken the way you want to. In this stage, the sky’s the limit. In the breading station, add organic herbs and spices. Add chili flakes, parmesan cheese, and more! There’s nothing wrong with adding more flavor to the already tasty and tangy brined or buttermilk-marinated chicken.

Correct Temperature ONLY Please

All the marinating and additional seasoning will go waste if the wrong oil temperature is used. Also, it will cook the chicken but won’t have that ever-so-important crispiness and crackling effect. It is best to invest in a meat or oil thermometer to ensure precision and accuracy all the time. The most ideal oil temperature is 335 Fahrenheit. This temperature is enough to give its crispiness while retaining the moistness and juiciness of the meat.

Wire Rack In, Paper Towels Out

Many are guilty of this fried chicken mortal sin. People use paper towels to drain off excess oil. Wrong! Paper towels leave the crispy skin soaking in oil all the more. As such, the crispiness is significantly reduced. 

Also, stacking the cooked chicken on top of each other creates steam which takes away the crispy goodness of it. 

To get rid of the excess oil, rest the fried chicken on a wire rack. Ensure that there’s adequate spacing between the chicken pieces. Place some dish or container to catch the dripping oil. Remember, this oil is not scum. It can be used for future frying or as additional flavor to your other dishes.

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