Few Benefits of Owning a Juicer

Busy people who also want to have a healthy diet and lifestyle find that the benefits of owning a juicer go beyond convenience and saving money.
The juice from fruits and vegetables contains vitamins and minerals the body needs to function properly and stay healthy.

Enzymes found in raw juice help in the weight loss programs some people follow. Also, cancer experts have found that juicing is a very important element to prevent cancer thanks to the strengthening of the immune system.

Buying a Juicer in the kitchen makes it easier to stay healthy. Children, the elderly, and pregnant women have the most benefits since all the nutrients obtained from juicing help their bodies to absorb all the vitamins and minerals they need to avoid illnesses and health disorders easily avoidable with proper nutrition. Moms can be sure their children will have their vegetables because they do not have to eat them anymore: they can drink them!

But fruits and vegetables can be enjoyed in more ways than only juice. Smoothies are also a delicious way to stay healthy, especially during the summer when you can have more than one in a day. This also helps in keeping the body from gaining weight because when the stomach feels full, the mind does not bother to send a signal that food is needed because all nutritional needs are already satisfied. This helps in boosting the natural energy of the body and in the reduction of cravings for sweets.

There are several types of juicers to choose from:
1) Commercial. Popular Chain Restaurants that will be making juices or smoothies very often. They can handle large pieces of fruits and vegetables on a continuous basis.

2) Citrus / Centrifugal. As their name indicates, they work with citrus fruits, which have a big amount of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that prevents colds and flu.

3) Wheatgrass. These juicers squeeze out all the nutrients from the wheatgrass, which does an excellent job acting as a body cleanser and neutralizing toxins. Many people also believe that it prevents cancer and increases the possibility of living longer. Wheatgrass juice is considered a natural healer that gives the body a boost in vitality while it neutralizes the toxins accumulated during a period of time.

4) Masticating. These juicers break up fruits and vegetables and the resulting drink is full of enzymes, fiber, and vitamins. They create a very nutritious blend of baby food, fruit sorbets, nut butter, ice creams, and shaved ice. They are heavy duty, but they also allow to make several types of juice, like grading, masticating, or liquid juice. They can handle a variety or recipes, all in one juicer.

Juicing brings many benefits to our overall health and well-being. Now fruits and vegetables can be enjoyed not only as a snack, but as a healthy drink that provides all our body needs to stay healthy, energized, and working properly. It allows us to have a life away from doctors, medicines and, in many cases, from beauty products too.

Health Benefits of Apple Juice

Tracing their origin in Central Asia, apples are highly nutritious, and it is not surprising that health enthusiasts coined an adage “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” to describe the fruit’s benefits. The health gains of apple juice are innumerable as outlined below.

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1. Enhances Cardiovascular Health

Apple juice is an excellent source of antioxidants among them flavonoids and polyphenol that are beneficial to the heart. In addition, the juice contains high levels of potassium, a mineral associated with enhancing the heart’s functionality.

2.Prevention of Asthma

The flavonoids in apple juice are believed to reduce the intensity of asthma attacks. Also, the flavonoids play a significant role in shielding the lungs against infections. According to research, individuals who drink the juice regularly have better functioning lungs than their counterparts who don’t.

3. Cleanses the Liver

Apple juice is highly alkaline, a fact that makes it remarkable at detoxifying the liver. The juice facilitates the removal of toxins and wastes by-products from the liver besides maintaining healthy Ph levels of the body. A compound known as pectin found in the apple skin helps improve the digestion health as well.

4. Lowers Cholesterol

High cholesterol levels in the body are sighted as one of the primary causes of heart disease and other cardiovascular ailments. Apple juice helps reduce the cholesterol levels in the body thus keeping cardiovascular illnesses at bay.

5. Prevents Alzheimer’s Diseases

A study conducted in 2009 showed that apple juice helps aging individuals delay the onset of dementia, a condition that aggravates to the Alzheimer’s disease. The same survey revealed that apples can contribute to improving the brain’s functionality, in addition to improving coordination.

6. Boosts the Immune System and Prevents Constipation

The high presence of vitamin C in apple juice helps the body fight disease causing cells effectively. It also helps the immune system combat germs, bacteria and free radicals responsible for a number of ailments.

Apple juice boasts of a unique component referred to as sorbitol. The components aids in drawing excessive water from the large intestines, making the stool softer and easy to pass through.

7. Beauty Benefits

Drinking apple juice makes your hair more healthy and lustrous. In addition, when used topically, it can help treat skin related ailments such as inflammation, cracked skin and wrinkles and itching. When applied to the hair, the juice can prevent the occurrence of dandruff and other scalp disorders.

8. Improves Vision and Prevents Cancer

Due to the presence of Vitamin A in apple juice, it can enhance eyesight and other disorders such as the age-related macular degeneration.

The juice can inhibit the growth and spread of tumors and cancers, particularly the lung cancer. The flavonoids and phenolic acids in the juice have proven to be effective in preventing the development and accumulation of cancer causing cells.

To get the most out of juicing apples, ensure that you go for the ripe ones with a smooth outer cover. Do not peel them because the skin contains minerals that are beneficial to the body. Consider juicing apples alongside other fruits such as grapes, cranberries and strawberries to increase the nutritional benefits and derive more health benefits.