Customer Experience

Improving Product Quality Through Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate and sole goal of all the service providers. Especially when it comes to restaurants and food chains, having an insight into the customer’s opinion is extremely necessary. And there is no better way to get an idea about the customer’s needs and viewpoints other than customer satisfaction surveys.

To stay in business and make a mark in the market, to evolve as the most preferred and loved eating place, it is essential to attract new customers and at the same time retain the current ones as well.TellNoodles is aware of this critical business strategy. Therefore they have arranged for customer satisfaction surveys.

Advantages Of Customer Satisfaction Surveys:

Here are some important benefits of customer satisfaction surveys for both the customers as well as for the service providers:

  • The reviews give a platform for the customers to express themselves. They can highlight the areas that need improvement and at the same time acknowledge the first service areas.
  • The results of the survey serve as an analysis of the restaurant’s service.
  • The points that are recognized by the customers motivate the service providers to do even well.
  • The weak points as indicated by the survey help the service provider to enhance his services and improve quality.
  • The incentives offered by the restaurant for the customers to fill the survey also bring in new clients. Thus the survey also becomes a source of attracting new patrons.

Thus it is needless to say that the survey is a great of bridging the gap between the customers and the service providers.

Guidelines For Survey Conduction:

There area few guidelines that the service provider should keep in mind while designing and conducting customer satisfaction surveys. It is crucial to bear in mind that the restaurant should have a thankful and appreciative attitude. The customers should be given a choice to participate or opt out of the survey as they like.

Moreover, the restaurant should ensure that the survey is made as convenient for the customers as possible. Lengthy questionnaires which require a lot of time are discouraged. The poll should be precise, simple and as short as possible. Rather than focusing on the number of questions their quality must be emphasized.

The approach of TellNoodles to arrange the survey online is a wise choice. This means that the customers can easily submit the survey as per their convenience. The more comfortable and less demanding the survey is, the better and more trustable are its results.

The best type of customer satisfaction surveys only comprises of multiple choice questions. A few questions with short answers may be added if necessary. Additionally, the questionnaire is held annually. This also guarantees high-quality results and proper customer engagement.

Lastly, it is an indisputable fact that the customer satisfaction survey is held for a reason. Therefore the work is not done after the conduction of the study. In reality, the significant portion of the work begins once the surveys are submitted. Take time to go through the customer responses and act upon the customer suggestions.