Crazy Buffet Near Me

Crazy Buffet Near Me


CRAZY Buffet & Grill is the ideal spot to gather with friends, family, and business partners to enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet with an exquisite and energetic atmosphere. There’s also a large selection of sushi.

They provide a range of seafood, including snow crab legs, oysters, and more, in addition to the famed Peking duck. Choose from various meats, vegetables, and seafood to have your dinner made to order at our hibachi grill.

Diners who enjoy Asian fusion cuisine will enjoy our specialty dishes. International fusion pastries are available at the dessert bar. The bar offers domestic and international beers, spirits, and unusual beverages to enhance your meal.


  • Seafood, Japanese, Chinese, Hibachi, American
  • Carry-out Buffet & Dine-in with over 300 fresh items every day
  • There is a party room available.
  • There are also gift certificates available.
  • Making Available Through the Internet
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Buffet Bar Category

American Food

Meats of the highest quality are prepared in various ways, including bacon-wrapped chicken, poultry with their secret sauce, and more. Enjoy the highest grade beef available.


Their sushi chefs painstakingly pick the freshest seasonal fish and other ingredients each morning, then produce over 20 different types of Nigiri, Sushi, and Sashimi. You always have access to the freshest and most delicious sushi at all times.


The grilled chefs will grill the meal right in front of you, whether you’re looking for hearty breakfast choices or the classic teppanyaki roasted beef supper. Steak, giant shrimp, chicken breast, seasonal vegetables, noodles… are just a few of the options available to the consumers.


Salad, Fusion Salad, Traditional Salads, Vegas Salad Fresh seasonal fruits

Buffet Menu

Lunch Buffet

(Last min call at 3:40 pm)
Weekdays Monday to Friday 11:00 am – 4:30 pm)
Monday to Friday (3 to 10 years old)
Weekend Saturday and Sunday (11:30 am to 3:45 pm)
Weekend Saturday to Sunday (3 to 10 years old)

Dinner Buffet

Sunday to Thursday (4:30 pm to 9 pm); Fri. & Sat. (4:30 pm to 10 pm)
Monday to Thursday (4:30 pm to 9 pm) (Last call at 8:40 pm)
Monday to Thursday (3 to 10 years old)
Friday and Saturday (4:30 pm to 10 pm) (Last call at 9:40 pm)
Sun. (4:30 pm – 9 pm) (Last call at 8:45 pm)
Fri. – Sun. (3-10 yrs old)

Carry-out Buffet & Offer

Carry Out Buffet
(Under three years old)

Crazy Buffet Location

It is located at Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard, West Palm Beach, Florida 33409, United States

Crazy Buffet Near me

Business Period

Monday to Thursday at 11:00 am – 3:45 pm; 4:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Friday: 11:00 am to 3:45 pm; 4:30 pm to 10:00 pm
Saturday: 11:35 am to 3:45 pm; 4:30 pm to10:00 pm
Sunday: 11:35 am to 3:45 pm; 4:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Mostly Asked Questions

Buffets, are they profitable?

The majority of buffets operate on a 60 percent or higher profit margin. Of course, this varies depending on the food item. Buffets only fill up the empty trays, reducing food waste per dish. They also place some less expensive goods, like starch, at the front of the line.

What makes crazy buffets so appealing?

Variety and quantity are a winning combination.
“The objective of a buffet is twofold: to feed a large number of people and to provide them with options,” explains Shawn Bucher, a chef, author, and presenter of the Business Chef podcast. “However, a buffet, which allows people to come and leave swiftly, works out a lot better.”

Are Chinese buffets good for you?

When it comes to road FOOD l, Chinese buffets might be the safest option, but there are plenty of harmful options as well. Make a layout ahead of time and stick to it for the healthiest dinner at a Chinese buffet.

What do you do after a buffet Meal?

  • After a huge lunch, here are five things to do.
  • Take a ten-minute walk. “Taking a trip outside can help clear your thoughts as well as enhance your blood sugar levels.
  • Relax and don’t get worked up. Don’t be too cruel to yourself, especially if it’s a one-time thing.
  • Drink plenty of water…
  • Take a probiotic.
  • Make a menu for your next dinner.

Final Verdict

The crazy buffet serves high-quality Chinese and Japanese cuisine and various desserts. It has a superb flavor, and there are numerous branches to choose from.