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Chilis Near Me:

Upgraded Price Ranges! On the Lookout to your Chili’s Menu together with costs?

You’re in luck. You may now navigate the total Chilis Near Me, directly here. View that the Chili’s Togo, Lunch, supper, kiddies & Chili’s two for 2-2 per menu, also present Chilis vouchers & happy-hour prices. We’ve included the whole Chili’s cafe Menu for you to navigate out of your home.
Please be aware, the prices can fluctuate marginally from restaurants, because overhead expenses and also yield costs differ from country to say.

Chilis Near Me

As well as their routine menu, like Tacos near me, Burger King Near Me, and Salads Near Me, the business today additionally provides a menu that is nutritional, an allergen menu plus also a menu that is vegetarian. Chilis have lately included a milder option’ menus. The Lighter option dishes include a max of 650 calories, 25 g body fat, and 2 g saturated fat. About Chili’s internet site you might also discover downloadable Pdf data files using Allergen graphs, Chilis nourishment graph, and also a Vegetarian Menu to automatically boot up.

Regrettably, the state on-line company internet site doesn’t include things like prices inside their menu, but that may ensure it is quite hard to charge to get a big meal. The menu can be additionally dispersed more than 10 web pages. Thus, we’ve included the total Chili’s menu with price ranges under and making surfing a cinch. Please note prices can vary marginally in the neighborhood.

Chilis Menu.

Chilis Appetizers Menu

All our appetizers are made to order and deliver a big flavor that’s simply too good not to share. Triple Dipper – $13.99Southwestern Eggrolls – $11.29Skillet Queso – $7.49White Spinach Queso – $8.49Fresh Guacamole – $7.49Chips & Salsa – $5.99Awesome Blossom Petals – $7.99Boneless Wings – $10.99Bone-in Wings – $10.99Loaded Boneless Wings – $11.99Classic Nachos with Chicken – $12.29Classic Nachos with Beef – $12.29Classic Nachos – $10.29Fried Pickles – $7.99Crispy Cheddar Bites – $7.99Texas Cheese Fries – Full – $9.99Texas Cheese Fries – Half – $6.49

Chilis Big Mouth Burgers Menu

Made with half-pound patties. Smashed to lock in flavor on a toasted brioche bun. Served with fries (add 420 cal). The Boss Burger – $15.29Mushroom Swiss Burger – $10.99Queso Burger – $10.79Alex’s Santa Fe Burger – $11.59Chili’s Chili Burger – $10.99Southern Smokehouse Burger – $11.49Just Bacon Burger – $11.19Oldtimer w/Cheese – $9.99Oldtimer – $9.49Big Mouth Bites – $10.89

Chilis Ribs & Steaks Menu

The Chili’s Texas-Size Baby Back Ribs are smoked in-house over pecan wood and slow-cooked. Chili’s steaks are hand-trimmed, 100% USDA ribeye & choice sirloin. All grain-fed & optimally aged.Original Full Order Ribs – $20.49Original Half Order Ribs – $13.49Mix & Match Ribs – $20.49House BBQ Full Order Ribs – $20.49House BBQ Half Order Ribs – $13.49Texas Dry Rub Full Order Ribs – $20.49Texas Dry Rub Half Order Ribs – $13.49Honey-Chipotle Full Order Ribs – $20.49Honey-Chipotle Half Order Ribs – $13.49Classic Ribeye – $18.99Classic Sirloin – 10oz – $17.79Classic Sirloin – 6oz – $13.296 oz. Classic Sirloin with Grilled Avocado – $13.49

Chilis Fajitas Menu

With chipotle butter, cilantro, bell peppers, onions. Served with Mexican rice, black beans & flour tortillas. Substitute flour with corn tortillas (minus 130 cal). Sour cream, pico, salsa & shredded cheese are included on the side (add 280 cal). Guacamole served upon request (add 50 cal).Mix & Match Fajitas – $17.29Mix & Match Fajita Trio – $18.59Carnitas Fajitas – $15.29Chicken Fajitas – $15.29Steak Fajitas – $17.29Shrimp Fajitas – $17.29Mushroom Jack Chicken Fajitas – $16.29Black Bean & Veggie Fajitas – $14.99

Chilis Salads, Soups & Chili Menu

Hot, savory soups, world-famous chili, and flavorful salads with fresh ingredients.Boneless Buffalo Chicken Salad – $11.79Quesadilla Explosion Salad – $11.99Santa Fe Crispers Salad – $11.79Santa Fe Chicken Salad – $11.79Caribbean Salad with Seared Shrimp – $12.79Caribbean Salad with Grilled Chicken – $11.79Southwest Chicken Caesar Salad – $11.79Southwest Shrimp Caesar Salad – $12.79Grilled Chicken Salad – $11.59Soup & House Salad – $7.99Soup & Caesar Salad – $7.99Chili & House Salad – $8.99Chili & Caesar Salad – $8.99Side Caesar Salad – $4.99Side House Salad – $4.99Bowl of the Original Chili – $5.99Cup of the Original Chili – $4.29Bowl of Soup – $4.99Cup of Soup – $3.79

Chilis Sandwiches Menu

Hand-crafted sandwiches served with fries (add 420 cal). Chicky Bleu Sandwich – $10.99Bacon Avocado Grilled Chicken Sandwich – $11.99Buffalo Chicken Ranch Sandwich – $10.59California Turkey Club – $10.59

Chilis Chicken Crispers Menu

Our hand-battered Crispers are made with 100% all-natural white meat. Original Chicken Crispers – $11.59Crispy Chicken Crispers – $11.59Crispy Honey-Chipotle Chicken Crispers – $11.59Honey-Chipotle Crispers & Waffles – $12.59Crispy Buffalo Bleu Crispers – $11.89Crispy Mango-Habanero Crispers – $11.89

Chilis Guiltless Grill Menu

Our Guiltless Grill, lighter menu items with the same bold Chili’s taste. Lighter choices with all the flavor for 650 calories or less.Ancho Salmon – $15.996 oz. Classic Sirloin* with Grilled Avocado – $13.49Margarita Grilled Chicken – $12.49Mango-Chile Chicken – $12.19Grilled Chicken Salad – $11.59

Chilis Tacos & Quesadillas Menu

Try these Fresh Mex classics. Chili’s 1975 Soft Tacos – $9.99Spicy Shrimp Tacos – $12.29Ranchero Chicken Tacos – $11.29Bacon Ranch Chicken Quesadillas – $11.99Beef Bacon Ranch Quesadillas – $12.29

Chilis Smokehouse Combos

Smoked low and slow in-house with 100% natural pecan wood.Smokehouse Combo – $16.49Ultimate Smokehouse Combo – $18.49

Chilis Chicken & Seafood Menu

Prepared fresh and always delicious! Cajun Chicken Pasta – $12.99Cajun Shrimp Pasta – $13.99Chipotle Chicken Fresh Mex Bowl – $11.99Chipotle Shrimp Fresh Mex Bowl – $12.99Ancho Salmon – $15.99Margarita Grilled Chicken – $12.49Spicy Shrimp Tacos – $12.29Mango-Chile Chicken – $12.19Chicken Enchiladas – $11.99Honey-Chipotle Crispers & Waffles – $12.59

Chilis Lunch Specials

8 Lunches for just $8! Start off fresh with a salad (160-320 cal) or soup (250-760 cal) and then pick your favorite entree. Available Monday-Friday 11 am-4 pm. All lunch portions. No substitutions. $8 offer does not include Lunch Chicken Fajitas or Lunch Shrimp Fajitas. Lunch Combo – Double Burger – $8Lunch Combo – Chili’s 1975 Soft Tacos – $8Lunch Combo – Spicy Shrimp Tacos – $8Lunch Combo – Bacon Ranch Chicken Quesadillas – $8Lunch Combo – Boneless Wings – $8Lunch Combo – Bacon Avocado Grilled Chicken Sandwich – $8Lunch Combo – California Turkey Club – $8Lunch Combo – Chipotle Chicken Fresh Mex Bowl – $8Lunch Chicken Fajitas – $9Mini Chocolate Molten – $2.49

Chilis Sides Menu

For every main dish, there is a perfect side. Sides – $2.5

Chilis Desserts Menu

Classic desserts are big enough to share but too good to actually do it. Molten Chocolate Cake – $7.79Paradise Pie – $7.79Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie – $7.79Cheesecake – $7.79

Chilis Beverages Menu

Enjoy our house-made lemonades, teas & soft drinks. Soft Drinks/Tea/Lemonade – $1Strawberry Lemonade – $2.99Half Tea | Half Lemonade – $2.99Blackberry Iced Tea – $2.99Mango Iced Tea – $2.99IBC Root beer – $2.99Dasani – $2.09Juice – $2.89Milk – $2.89Coffee – $2.49Gallon of Iced Tea – $5.99Gallon of Blackberry Iced Tea – $6.99Gallon of Strawberry Lemonade – $7.99Gallon of Mango Iced Tea – $6.99

Chilis Kids Menu

Each Pepper Pal meal comes with your choice of entree, side item (40-240 cal) & drink (0-330 cal). Pepper Pals Cheese Burger Bites – $5.65Pepper Pals Burger Bites – $5.65Pepper Pals Grilled Chicken Bites – $5.65Pepper Pals Cheese Quesadilla – $5.25Pepper Pals Grilled Cheese Sandwich – $5.25Pepper Pals Crispy Crispers – $5.5Pepper Pals Grilled Chicken Dippers – $5.75Pepper Pals Cheesy Chicken Pasta – $5.75Kraft Macaroni & Cheese – $5.25Pepper Pals Cheese Pizza – $5.75Pepper Pals Pepperoni Pizza – $5.75Mini Chocolate Molten – $2.49

Chilis Discount Codes.


Even the newest Chili’s discount coupons, specials, and deals are all included from the remark section under. Don’t hesitate to put in a bargain, in case it’s not yet recorded. Satisfied Savings!

What Exactly Is Chilies?

Chili’s Grill and Bar is actually a string of relaxed dining restaurants positioned generally in the USA with a lot of dining places in Canada, too. Chili’s currently has in excess of 1500 cafe divisions in lots of nations, nevertheless also the organization’s very first restaurant failed to be available right up until 1975 in Dallas, Texas. Chili’s Grill & Bar S function chiefly in American”Tex-Mex” cuisine. And is possessed by Brinker worldwide.

Chilis Also give his office location page Here.

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