7 Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Commercial Dishwasher

A commercial dishwasher is a piece of staple equipment in many food establishments. It cleans glassware, dishes, and kitchen utensils in a relatively quick and efficient manner, allowing the kitchen staff to operate much more smoothly inside the kitchen. When running a food business, food hygiene is of utmost priority and a commercial dishwasher ensures that you have clean and sanitised dishes at all times. To keep up with the fast-paced nature of your kitchen, you’ll need to invest in a quality commercial dishwasher.

There are plenty of dishwashers available in the market today. Some are intended for home use while others are built specifically for handling heavy loads. Before buying a commercial dishwasher, there are a number of factors you should consider and here are the things you should look out for:

1. Selecting the right type of dishwasher

Commercial dishwashers come in various shapes and sizes. With so many options to choose from, it’s important to select one that fits your needs perfectly. Some of the most common dishwashers available are:

  • Undercounter dishwashers – This type of dishwasher fits under the counter and works perfectly for small bars and cafes. It’s space-saving and is reliable enough to fully operate throughout the day.

  • Pass-through dishwashers – Are freestanding units that are capable of washing dishes at a record pace, with some units having a cycle as short as 60 seconds. If you own a large restaurant, pass-through dishwashers can make dishwashing a breeze since it has a very large capacity.

  • Glass washers – Ideal for pubs and bars that use plenty of glassware. Some units have a cold, final rinse which makes glassware ready to use immediately after washing.

  • Cutlery polishers – If your restaurant frequently caters to a large audience, cutlery polishers can make quick work of polishing cutlery after washing.

Manufacturers can recommend a unit that best fits your requirements if you’re unsure about which dishwasher to pick up.

2. Dishwasher size

Maximising kitchen space is crucial to a smooth workflow during operations. You don’t want your dishwasher to stand in the way while your kitchen staff is working. Consider your kitchen space and select a dishwasher that fits your kitchen space adequately. If you kitchen cannot accommodate a pass-through dishwasher, you can choose multiple under-counter dishwashers instead.

3. Capacity

The more customers you serve, the more plates you’ll need to wash. Factor in the capacity of the dishwasher before making a purchase. The capacity of commercial dishwashers is rated by how many racks per hour they can wash and how many place settings they can accommodate.

4. Cycle time

How fast do your dishes need to be cleaned? If you need a quick turnaround, choose a commercial dishwasher with a fast cycle time. Most pass-through dishwashers can clean dishes in one minute which is crucial if you’re serving plenty of customers. Pots and casseroles can be heavily soiled and require a longer cycle time to remove stuck food particles.

Large, freestanding units are usually the fastest at cleaning dishes and offer different cycle lengths to clean dishes with stubborn stains.

5. Nature of operations

The nature of your food establishment’s operations can determine which commercial dishwasher to pick up. While standard dishwashers are efficient at cleaning dishes, the same thing cannot be said for large quantities of cutlery and glassware. You might want to consider investing in a glass cleaner or cutlery polisher to produce a streak-free clean and perfectly polished cutlery.

6. Cost

A commercial dishwasher is a business investment and you definitely want to make the most out of your purchase. While you don’t need to buy the latest and most expensive commercial dishwasher, you shouldn’t go out and buy the cheapest one as well. Do the research to find the right commercial dishwashers in Australia. Go with the best one you can afford as this can result in fewer repairs, a more efficient clean, and a greater return on investment. Energy-efficient models are also available if you want to save on costs for the long-term.

7. Ease of use

With so much happening inside the kitchen, the last thing you want is to use a dishwasher that’s confusing to operate. Plenty of commercial dishwashers today come with a one-touch of a button, thus eliminating the need to fumble around with the settings just to wash your dishes. A dishwasher that’s easy to operate allows the staff to be more productive and focus on other important kitchen tasks.

Popular Chain Restaurants function like clockwork and all the moving parts should be synchronised together. A commercial dishwasher is an integral part of this inner working and it keeps the kitchen running as smoothly as possible. Before buying a commercial dishwasher, consider these 7 factors to make sure you choose a unit that will serve your kitchen for many years to come.