Buying Guide for the Best Sushi Making Kit! Know Which One is Right for You

So Sushi is your favorite cuisine and you love to appease your tongue with its delicious taste. However, the high price by ordering from a restaurant is stopping you, right? No worries! Now you can make it easily at home with a Sushi making kit. Yes, making it not a convenient option. But you can make it quickly by having the right tool in your hand. 

Well if you start making it at home, you will get addicted to its taste. And, we are sure about it. So are you ready to eat yummy bites of seafood and rice? Here we will let you know which sushi making kit would be the best for you. Go through our buying guide and make a wise choice!

Which Sushi Making Kit is the Best?

There is an abundance of options you will get on the web. But which one should you choose is the question that might make you uneasy. Here we will make you clear what options and aspects you must keep in mind while buying a new one!

Before going through various important aspects, let us roll eyes on brief about types of sushi making kits!

Buying Guide for the Best Sushi Making Kit! Know Which One is Right for You

Types of Sushi Making Kits

  • Traditional Sushi Making Kits

Traditional are those which contain only a few basic components. These have a rice paddle and a rolling mat. As though it carries fewer features, so it comes in an affordable price range. Also one needs to take guidance while using it. It’s somewhat difficult to use it directly.

These kits are still used by Japanese (considered as the place of the evolution of sushi) to give a traditional touch to sushi rolls. Some of these kits are Easy sushi kit, Joyce Chen sushi kit, Sushi Chef sushi kit, etc.

  • Non-Traditional Sushi Making Kits

This modern kit is a blend of several tools besides having a traditional mat to make sushi. Some of these kits include molds or containers for proper sushi shaping. Even some of the non-traditional kits carry training mats for guidance. Of course, the more features demand a high price and so are these kits.

It makes the rolling process much convenient contrasting traditional kits. These kits are Sushi Magic sushi kit, Sushezi, Sushiquik sushi making kit, and all.

Important Points to Keep in Mind while Buying a Sushi Kit!

By knowing about all the related points of sushi kits, you will be able to discover which kit would be best for you. Have a look!

Material of Kits

The main or you can say traditional material is bamboo. For many kits, now modern material is also used that makes the use quite easy. Plastic is used which is easier to clean and robust too than bamboo.

However, if you choose bamboo material, then get a mold-resistant model for better results. Plus, never keep it in the dishwasher and dry it out instantly after wash.

Mats and Tools in Kits

The size of these kits is usually the same. However, if you want multiple sushi’s prepared all at once to serve your guests then you can pick the one having many mats. Otherwise, you can take a simple kit.

Similarly, if you want to gift it to your friend then you can look for as many content & tools in a kit as possible. You can pick as per your requirements.

Sushi Shapes

You can give shape to sushi by getting a kit with molds & shapes. It can be in the heart or square shapes. You can have fun with these varied sushi shapers by picking the kit including different molds.

Price Factor

As already mentioned, modern or non-traditional sushi making kits are expensive. So, if your budget allows then pick this one with added features & benefits. Otherwise, a traditional sushi making kit is also not a bad idea if you can’t spend much.

Safety during Washing

Traditional kits need maximum care and are not dishwasher safe. The reason is its material, i.e. bamboo rolling mats. However non-traditional kits are made of plastic and are dishwasher safe too. So, if you can’t take care during washing, then it’s good to go with traditional kits.

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