Are You Thinking About Buying a Juicer

Are you thinking about buying a juicer? If your answer is “yes” the best omega juicer can be your first choice. Because it is high in demand not only for its ultra-specific design and specifications attract the customer but also for the top-rated brand in the market.

As a masticating juicer Omega J8004, J8006, and NC800, and NC900 are the top juicer on the market. You will find available NC900HDC there that is considered as a slow juicer.

About Omega NC900HDC juicer

From my experience, I can say that from the last 30 years Omega has been producing high-quality juicers. So, it is no surprise that its applicant is some of the highly-rated around due to its reliability, durability, and efficient design.

After reading thousands of best omega juicer NC900HDC reviews and testing it for myself I have found that Omega NC900HDC is a better juicer than any other slow juicer. Though this juicer has a few pros, it became my favorite juicer.

The feature of Omega NC900HDC-at a glance:

Juice yield – High-quality
Juicer-style – masticating/slow
Warranty – 10-15 years
Juicing speed – Medium
Weight – 13 pounds
Cleaning – 5 minutes
Prep. Time – Short time
Best for – Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, Wheatgrass, berries, leafy greens.
UL and CUL – approved
Voltage – 110v
Size -14-1/2 by 6-1/2 by 15-1/2 inches
Juicing – 2-stage
Auger RPMs – 80
Motor power – 2HP

The best omega juicer NC900HDC is the 6th generation Omega horizontal masticating juicer. The HDC has a silver finish, a red finish, and a chrome finish, all these three models that are the difference in the colour of their bodies. But they all have the same strainers and drum assemblies. The feeder tube of its wide and the exterior is stainless steel.

Pros and cons of Omega NC900HDC

The best omega juicer NC900HDC is produced out of stainless steel. It is also 100% BPA-free where other juicers are produced by plastic shells.
It is easy to make the juice in this juicer for its wide feeder chute without needing to chop the ingredients into tiny pieces.
The stainless steel exterior is looking great which attracts the appliance very much.

It delivers better juice than competing juicers.
10-15 warranty guarantees reliable functionally.
BPA free.
It is assembled, disassemble and clean.
High-quality parts and materials.
Excellent performance juicing leafy grass, fruits, vegetables, berries, and nuts.

Poor performance for apple juice.
Sometimes difficult to use and to adjust its nozzle correctly.
Pricier than centrifugal and other juicers.
The risk of blockage can be increased by soft produce and high fiber vegetables.

The Omega NC900HDC parts

The Omega NC900HDC is producing for a fully juicing system that called “nutrition center”. The box of Omega NC90HDC brings all the essential things which you need to make your juice with attachment pieces. The best omega juicer NC900HDC will teach manually how to use the juicer to build your juicer in a short time. The lists of all parts for juicing are listed here.
Best omega juicer NC900HDC parts list:

  1. Food Pusher.
  2. Drum, feed chute, funnel, end cap, plunger, blank and juicing screen, and hopper.
  3. Auger, cleaning brush.
  4. Processing strainer.
  5. Drum cap.
  6. Three types of nozzles.
  7. Main body.
  8. Juice container.
  9. Pulp container.

Omega NC900HDC assembly

There is a great thing for us that the best omega juicer NC900HDC is simply informing you the way how to use the juicer step-by-step. Therefore, I will give you instruction on how to assemble this juicer easily.
Step 1: Insert the drum and turn the lock for security and place the funnel by following the guide.
Step 2: Following by the juicing screen and the end cap insert the auger into the drum.
Step 3: Use the blank to mince and click the end cap into place.
Step 4: Use nozzle as you need to make noodles like flat noodles, round noodles or breadstick.
Step 5: use the only plunger to push down the produce gently instead of using the spoon, fork, or anything metals.
The best omega juicer NC900HDC juicer is mainly built as a solid and durable machine. If you assemble it correctly, it will not make any trouble. The Omega NC900HDC takes just 30-40 min to fully assemble from start to finish.

Juicer Type- masticating or Slower

The best omega juicer NC900HDC is not only slower but also a masticating juicer. The centrifugal juicer uses blades to slice through the ingredients but the slower or masticating juicer uses an auger to crush the ingredients. The Omega NC900HDC as a horizontal masticating juicer saves the nutrition and vitamins of the fruits and vegetables.

The speed of this juicer is slower than the centrifugal juicer, just 80 RPM, but the motor is powerful to crush any products that you want to feed like hard, soft, and high in fiber.

The best omega juicer NC900HDC is also a horizontal juicer which was designed to occupy more counter space than the vertical juicer. For this juicer need not more space in your kitchen. So, if you want just like a juicer that will be fit in your kitchen with limited space, you may be better off going with a vertical juicer.

Omega NC900HDC is BPA-free?

What is BPA? BPA means Bisphenol-A, is a toxin which is generally found in plastic products. But it is good news for us that the best omega juicer is free from BPA and is made with a stainless steel exterior. The auger of the Omega juicer is made BPA free, as are the collection bins and other plastic parts that make up the juicer. So, you can now get a BPA free juicer like Omega NC900HDC juicer certainly.

Final outcome and recommendation

As the Omega juicer user, today I can tell you that the omega NC900HDC juicer is one of the best juicers on the market. I love the juice maker for its lovely and attractive design and it is very easy to use and clean after use. If you use the juicer manually, you will use it 5-10 years without face any problem. It maintains high-quality to build it and followed the upgrade and modern design. So, I would like to say you that it is a far better choice than any other non-omega masticating juicer.